2020 Corvette C8 review: see how quick it is 0-60mph + 1/4mile... And the shocking UK price!

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It’s time for another first for Mat and the carwow team - We’ve got our hands on a Corvette! But it’s not just any Corvette… It’s the all-new Corvette C8, and it’s the first mid-engine Corvette since the original model was released back in 1953!
It was first revealed back in Summer 2019, and when you look at the specs, it’s no surprise we’ve been dying to get our hands on one! With a 6.2-litre naturally-aspirated V8, the Corvette will be able to put down 496hp and 637Nm!
Sounds pretty good, right? But that’s not all… It’ll only cost $62,000 - less than an AMG A45 S!! So what do you think - is this all-new sports car worth the ‘cheap’ price? Keep watching to find out!
Thanks to Clive Sutton for lending us the Corvette for this review - www.clivesutton.co.uk/
00:00 Intro
01:39 Exterior Design
03:44 Interior Design
05:51 Practicality
06:34 Boot
09:16 Five Annoying Features
10:50 Five Cool Features
12:38 Engine
14:04 0 - 60mph & Quarter-mile
15:56 Everyday Driving
17:25 Twisty Road Driving
18:54 Verdict
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Mat Watson Cars
Mat Watson Cars - Måned siden
I'm wanting to drag race this car... But which cars should I race it against? Let me know and I'll try to make it happen!
Ad Hi
Ad Hi - 15 dager siden
droppedee - Måned siden
another boring racer in drag would be more like it ..
Raahil Busa
Raahil Busa - Måned siden
M2 and a45s
nightmare 125
nightmare 125 - Måned siden
Porsche 911 turbo s
Soren Sassanid
Soren Sassanid - Måned siden
Porsche 911 turbo s & Bmw m8 comp.
dantae666 - Time siden
Buy for 132 on the uk or buy in the usa and put it on a ship hard choice
Adobe Reviews
Adobe Reviews - 3 timer siden
I'm wanting to drag race this car... But which cars should I race it against? Let me know and I'll try to make it happen!
S C - 11 timer siden
£130k in UK 😰
Adrian Kingdon
Adrian Kingdon - 12 timer siden
£132,000? Why wouldn’t you just import it yourself?
Stefan A.
Stefan A. - 19 timer siden
2:07 when he said like a transformers i was thinking at the same time on bumblebee LOL 🤣
Kit Wong
Kit Wong - 21 time siden
from c7 to c8 corvette...they both look so ferrari
Blitz - 23 timer siden
The mirrors aren't the same length because of visibility. Had the passenger side mirror been shorter, it would've be blocked by the A pillar
Slim - 23 timer siden
Looks like an ugly 458 Italia
Cronarona321 - 23 timer siden
Sorry but 3 miles per gallon is just horrible.
I'm golf
I'm golf - Dag siden
6:09 Misalignment stitching
Akshay - Dag siden
doesnt having the roof off affect the 0-60?
the horsepower is to low....but the sound is to OP
Soyän CHD
Soyän CHD - Dag siden
Go check their website, and their outrageous 132000£ price tag.
Akram Motya
Akram Motya - 2 dager siden
Race it against the previous corvette and let Yianni drive the old one
Harry Curtis
Harry Curtis - 2 dager siden
Could you put ice cream in the rear boot? Or does it get hot?
madmotorcyclist - 3 dager siden
The two radiators in front need better protection from rocks and debris kicking up in them. The plastic grilles in front are laughable.
mitchell chase
mitchell chase - 3 dager siden
everyone from Canada be like 0-0
R Smaili
R Smaili - 3 dager siden
Perfect sexy Car for couples and
Yong popullations they dont need big Familly car this is Perfect ..
Cheesy Oreos
Cheesy Oreos - 3 dager siden
Its 60k in the us but 170k in australia ._.
Ing Irace
Ing Irace - 3 dager siden
the new ferrari F 430 alias Corvette C8, hehe
TCM Fitness & Music
TCM Fitness & Music - 3 dager siden
Nissan GTR & C8
who else wants to see it happen?
Sam Silver
Sam Silver - 3 dager siden
So it cost less than a Ford ranger raptor? Wow
DADDY _Cringe
DADDY _Cringe - 4 dager siden
Ummmm does anyone else think having the roof off ... may have caused Drag. thts y ge couldnt get the 2.9?
Ketchupboyz - 4 dager siden
The design is abit overwhelming
Ketchupboyz - 4 dager siden
kinda boring design!
Ketchupboyz - 4 dager siden
This design not gona last forever!! I can tell ya
Avîçïī ULTRA
Avîçïī ULTRA - 4 dager siden
Affordable me who's having a dollar in Pocket.
Never Liftt
Never Liftt - 4 dager siden
No launch control??
Peter Robbins
Peter Robbins - 4 dager siden
unfortunately, you can't buy one for $62k at this time, maybe in another year when there are more being made..
IshouI ;_;
IshouI ;_; - 4 dager siden
Everytime I heard him said carwag..
Mohammed Moharib
Mohammed Moharib - 4 dager siden
Amazing car ! I’m not sure if this can get 2.9seconds from 0-60 but I guess trying it with the rooftop off will make it slower than what it can get that’s why there is a big gap from the manufacturer numbers and what we got here 😅..
to be fair better to try with the rooftop is on 👌🏼
Naush Rhyman
Naush Rhyman - 4 dager siden
But the stitches are misaligned
Turkeyman - 4 dager siden
You don’t get full power until you pass 500 miles
Kgabo Phineas
Kgabo Phineas - 4 dager siden
What a dirty sound 🙌
Lothar Walter
Lothar Walter - 4 dager siden
Das geile an der Corvette war immer die Hecklastige optik.. Daumen hoch bei gleicher Meinung
Sore Tuber
Sore Tuber - 5 dager siden
10:05 stingray also come with bikini seats
N0th1n - 5 dager siden
Better buy this corvette then something like a ferrari,lambo or a 911
Byron W
Byron W - 5 dager siden
The passenger mirror is two inches longer to allow the driver to see over the rear fender from the low driver's seat.
Anthony Hunt
Anthony Hunt - 5 dager siden
Oi, be nice to we Yanks lol...love the Channel from Chicago...
Abdullah Dar
Abdullah Dar - 5 dager siden
wow matt drag racing with the rooftop off
Dre Snipes
Dre Snipes - 5 dager siden
I'm sorry but the design is too dated, cross between a 360, 430 and hyundai coupe😁
elvin adzija
elvin adzija - 5 dager siden
god bless america saying with a lil bit sad face lol
Tiening Wang
Tiening Wang - 6 dager siden
4500rpm redline means it is still in break-in period. So cool!
BowTiE TiLLIDie - 6 dager siden
Great review on this car besides a few things i disagree with you on. But for the most part, a good fair review. Good job...cheers!
BowTiE TiLLIDie - 6 dager siden
The sub 2.9-3.0 sec 0-60mph time was done on a professional test track with PROFESSIONAL driver's...not on some ASPHALT back road that is loaded with Shell and Sand which provides the absolute WORST traction out of any hard surfaced road (not to mention that the road you were on was COMPLETELY COVERED IN LEAVES!!!)
My father runs a 4500hp Twin Turbo Drag Radial C7 bodied Vette in a class called "Radial vs. The World" (car has ran deep into the 3.60's @ over 200mph in the 1/8th mile) and he's been drag racing since 1974 when he ran a 69 Camaro Super-Stock car for Dave Lebrun/ "L & L Auto-Machine" out of Groton, CT. Anyways, my pops bought a Gunmetal Grey 2020 3LT w/the Z51 Option back in September of this year and the 1st time we brought it to Bradenton Motorsports Park in Bradenton, FL he ran a best 60ft. time of 1.61sec! and a best E.T. of 10.934 @ 125.396mph on a set of some sticky drag radials. But even on the stock tires with no tune in the car at all (since nobody can tune one cause no one has been able to gain access into the C8's ECU...it will happen soon though😁) but anyways, even on the stock tires he went a best of 0-60mph in 2.81sec & a best 1/4mi E.T. of 11.074 @ 123.528mph.
So if you know how to launch the car correctly and how to extract the most performance out of the stock C8, you can definitely run the advertised 0-60 times (or faster) and can definitely run the advertised E.T. But the real fun has been taking the car to Sebring and road racing the s**t out of it!! Thats what this car was built for...obviously considering they locked up the Driver's & Constructor's GT LEMANS Championship in their first year of competing with the car!! Ford pulled the backing IMMEDIATELY after Cheverolet announced they were entering the C8R into competition in 2020 😂...but then again Ford couldn't even beat the front engine vettes considering Corvette Racing has the most wins, Driver's titles, and Constructor's titles in all of IMSA history!
Anyway that's all i guess...lol
Andrew Berg
Andrew Berg - 6 dager siden
I swear Mat is starting to look more and more like Ford vs Ferrari's Ken Miles lol
Andrew Berg
Andrew Berg - 6 dager siden
* Extremely positive review *
Americans: yOu dIDn'T bReAk It iN!!!!!
Abraham Amado
Abraham Amado - 6 dager siden
3:54- 3:57 is so true 💯 that’s why they have the front truck problem 😂😂
Johnny C 2009
Johnny C 2009 - 6 dager siden
Hey Matt. Many other C8 owner can do 0 to 60 mph in even 2.8, 2.9 sec easily, learn to do the launch control on this beauty, will you? 😉
Riste Pantekoski
Riste Pantekoski - 7 dager siden
They copy the Ferrari Portofino.. I bet they are out of ideas, nothing against Corvette,
Libertarian - 7 dager siden
This car just turned up my hate for corvette scum to 11 mclaren should sue gm
r e v e l a r e_ XVII
r e v e l a r e_ XVII - 7 dager siden
*Mother of God the Z06 version is gonna have all of Europe’s best running for the hills.*
GNANESH CHERUKURI - 7 dager siden
Does carwow work in other countries
ironsaber2 - 7 dager siden
1) the hood has a release from outside
2) you were in breakin period and the 0-60 includes a 1 foot rollout
3) don't like the way breaks fell just change it. there are brake pedal feel settings in the infotainment system since it is a brake by wire system
Willam Millar
Willam Millar - 8 dager siden
I'm defo getting Ferrari vibes just from the thumbnail
Brother Dave Seattle
Brother Dave Seattle - 8 dager siden
Quit rubbing and touching the paint
h b 53
h b 53 - 8 dager siden
Why did you no shut the lid . Nice looking car for the price
e efilysp
e efilysp - 8 dager siden
looks awful
iamspyvspy - 9 dager siden
nice car but that steering wheel is straight out of an allegro. steering wheels should be round.
Chris C
Chris C - 9 dager siden
I watched another video on the C8 a while back that was talking about the outside mirrors.
The length difference is to provide comparable visibility on both sides of the vehicle, and is due to seating position and wide rear on the car.
Stephen Beans
Stephen Beans - 9 dager siden
Lol 3.6. A base 992 will beat it .... and the Porsche will make it back home .
Miles Knebel
Miles Knebel - 10 dager siden
I think it to it dose look like a transformer
Vishal Gupta
Vishal Gupta - 10 dager siden
Looks like a Ferrari copy.
Sjaak Aantjes
Sjaak Aantjes - 11 dager siden
A drag race with al corvette generations over the 50 years to see how much they progressed!
Felipe Zamora
Felipe Zamora - 11 dager siden
In the roof !
JJ JJ - 11 dager siden
Ahh a Ferrari with a Chevy badge. Stolen design.
G. Bohn
G. Bohn - 11 dager siden
Mat: "...Shipping costs, import duties, tax, and all that kinda of stuff, it pretty much doubles the car price!"
Brazil: First time?
Osama Abdulazez
Osama Abdulazez - 11 dager siden
You need to close the roof
Jay Wool
Jay Wool - 11 dager siden
i saw a white and brown corvette 2020 next to each other
SportNut - 11 dager siden
May be you don't know about the engine is limited in the first 500 miles, but trying to get the speed record with the top off just led me to think you are intentionally bashing the car. Even though I agree American cars give out their max numbers in perfect condition as oppose to the German who gives conservative numbers
Fernando Garza
Fernando Garza - 12 dager siden
One of the best ( and most entertaining) car reviews I have seen... proper
Ace T
Ace T - 12 dager siden
Way too many ads
My English is Broke
My English is Broke - 13 dager siden
Simply copied FERRARI. Period.
Dave Johnson
Dave Johnson - 13 dager siden
How did he not notice that horrible stitching on the passenger side dash and center console!
Strunz0 Cars
Strunz0 Cars - 13 dager siden
American cars don’t corner well? Hahaha... I don’t even like corvettes... but the last c7 grandsport corvette had among the highest skidpad numbers motortrend ever recorded. And the Dodge Viper ACR and Z06 are still among the highest lap times they’ve ever recorded at Laguna seca. And yes the 911 is an amazing machine as well. For what it’s worth, this American spent his money on a British car anyhow,.. an F-Type R. Handles worse than all the aforementioned but theater is a worthy trade off since we typically drive on streets and not racetracks
Adammartiniz - 13 dager siden
It looks like a transformer because it has design elements especially in the taillights of the Camaro... the Camaro was the modern transformer car... you remember the yellow one? Thats why u think that immediately
Adammartiniz - 13 dager siden
How much more is this in the uk? Lol why is everything soooo much more expensive in the uk? Even Japanese cars.... and even when u factor in exchange rate.... someone is lying about money somewhere lol
StefM - 13 dager siden
3 mpg?? 😂😂😂
Floris Klaver
Floris Klaver - 14 dager siden
Imagine Mat on Top Gear next to Chris Harris.. (and ditch the other two fools) I think they could make it interesting again.
just here
just here - 14 dager siden
I wonder what Hennessey would do to this car. Not much room for a supercharger back there.
Bilal Samsudeen
Bilal Samsudeen - 14 dager siden
I can fit in that front trunk
mike d.
mike d. - 14 dager siden
You did the launch all wrong and lost at least .5 seconds or more. you need to put it in track mode,2 cut off traction control then step hard in the brake while flooring the gas it will rev to 3800 rpm let off the brake and voila 2.8-3 sec 0-60 in other words you blew the the launch.
Agustin Lidén
Agustin Lidén - 14 dager siden
What a beauty that ❤️2021 Chevrolet Corvette C8 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
Catholic Firefighter
Catholic Firefighter - 14 dager siden
*C/D INSTRUMENTED TEST: 2020 Corvette Stingray Z51*
0-60 mph: 2.8 sec
¼-mile: 11.2 sec @ 122 mph
*StopTheSteal 🇹 🇷 🇺 🇲 🇵 2020*
airjaff - 15 dager siden
£132k to by in the uk... No thanks! That's the price of 2 of them if you bought in America
Scott Parry
Scott Parry - 15 dager siden
we dont use our mirrors in america so we wont notice the difference
My Name
My Name - 15 dager siden
I have the C8 and its more than broken in, its amazing but sub-3 0-60s are extremely hard on the street. I've run my C8 against my M5 tons of times and it wins the 0-60 9 times out of 10 on the street.
Ryan Reyes
Ryan Reyes - 15 dager siden
"Because they dont have a monarch" lol
Ryan Reyes
Ryan Reyes - 15 dager siden
Thank you for the nod to the decades of british journalism bashing the states for interior build quality. fav review
Misael Vera
Misael Vera - 15 dager siden
I can’t buy this car at this time but if I could I would buy the c7 , this c8 its soooo ugly .
Khalid Saleh
Khalid Saleh - 15 dager siden
Never fan with American cars.
Dice1 - 15 dager siden
£132k 😂😂daylight robbery
Robert Power
Robert Power - 16 dager siden
The rear end looks terrible, other than that the cars look mad.
Troy Troy
Troy Troy - 16 dager siden
Is this one the one that cost only 65K ??
Connor Meulemans
Connor Meulemans - 16 dager siden
America in response to Mat Watson: "you're most welcome young man"
Rafael says
Rafael says - 16 dager siden
Get a room, Mat...holy moly, any moment we're gonna have a human-corvette hybrid. Little MatVettes running around.
Nick Baldeagle
Nick Baldeagle - 16 dager siden
3 mpg?
Kupa - 16 dager siden
the slower 0-60 is caused by drag because of going “topless”. try that again
Boo Booboo
Boo Booboo - 5 dager siden
@It’s Jxrdxn Bullcrap. Its callled breaking in. The ones that supposedly did it in 2.9 werent broken in either.
It’s Jxrdxn
It’s Jxrdxn - 5 dager siden
@Boo Booboo it’s because the car has less than 500 miles which is required to activate full power
Boo Booboo
Boo Booboo - 9 dager siden
2.9 vs 3.6.....to 60 just from lack of roof? Year right.
T Johnson
T Johnson - 16 dager siden
mat should sell his new jimny and buy this corvette!